The Joy of Music, a nonprofit organization, has been broadcasting for over 25 years with most of our support coming from faithful viewers like you. Because we are seen on non-commercial stations, we cannot advertise or ask for money on the air. Your tax-deductible gift, whether large or small, will make the difference in our ability to continue to produce and bring you these unique, inspirational programs from great organs, artists and cathedrals of the world.

Join Host Diane Bish, “The First Lady of the Organ”, as she performs on historic organs in magnificent cathedrals worldwide. With a library of over 475 programs, The Joy of Music brings viewers around the world a combination of favorite organ classics, world renown guest artists, spectacular scenery, historic sites and local traditions. Diane Bish combines all these incredible “Sights & Sounds” and “Musical Journeys” in programs of breathtaking beauty and inspiration.

Whether you are a long-time friend, or a first-time visitor, we invite you to join us in The Joy of Music with Diane Bish.